Feedback from our customers tells us that children have a wide variety of reactions to a letter they get from Santa Claus. In some cases, it almost doesn’t matter what the content of the letter is, because the child is
getting a letter from santa
Not many things could be more exciting for a young child than getting a letter directly from Santa Claus, especially with the holiday season now drawing so close upon us. It can be a magical time of year for your
Fun Holiday Activities for Kids
It’s that time of year and the kids are so excited they hardly know what to do with themselves. As a parent, it can be difficult to manage your own responsibilities and emotions much less the thoughts, excitements, and anxieties
Christmas photos on a budget
The holiday season comes with a lot of good cheer, family, and great times. Unfortunately, it also has a great reputation for draining your bank accounts. Christmas shopping, decorations, holiday parties and dinners all have a price tag attached. Even
Christmas photo shoot
It’s that time of year. Bells are ringing, carolers are singing, and holiday portraits are being taken. But, with babies and kids in the mix, things can get out of hand very quickly. Kids and babies can especially give parents
If you’re like many families, you write and send letters to Santa with your children. Perhaps you started the tradition when your first child was born, or maybe you’re a little late to the game and are just starting now
It’s the most wonderful time of the year: it’s time to announce the Hallmark 2017 Christmas Movie Lineup! Here at Letters for Santa, we know this can only mean one thing — Christmas is just around the corner. The Hallmark