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10 Fun Holiday Activities for Kids

It’s that time of year and the kids are so excited they hardly know what to do with themselves. As a parent, it can be difficult to manage your own responsibilities and emotions much less the thoughts, excitements, and anxieties of your little ones. The key is to create memorable fun experiences for them that will keep their tiny minds busy and entertained without running you up the wall. Here are some fun holiday activities for kids that everyone will love…

Make Christmas Cookies

Take your favorite cookie recipe or a family recipe and get to baking. Cookies are a favorite activity among kids because they love sneaking a taste of the delicious frosting flavors plus they typically enjoy helping with little jobs in the kitchen. If you don’t have any recipes at your disposal, you can easily find recipes on Pinterest or from a basic Google search.

Make Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you’re going to get a Christmas tree, why not involve the kids in making ornaments for it? It can be a project that could last as little as a few hours, all day, or even a whole week depending on your comfort level and schedule. Let your little one pick out what he wants to make and it will give him more ownership of it. Try some of these from BuzzFeed or come up with some unique ideas of your own.

Make Christmas Gifts

Instead of spending money for the kids to get gifts, try having them make their own. It will be a great way to pass time, plus it’s the perfect excuse to start a new craft project. There are all sorts of things you can make like custom decorated aprons, wine glass charms, keychains, photo frames, decorated mugs, glasses, and pillows, as well as picture frames, candles, and bath goodies.

Family Christmas Karaoke

Who doesn’t enjoy a good round of Karaoke? Coupled with some eggnog and cookies, a family Karaoke session could make for an interesting night.

Take Silly Christmas Photos

One thing kids love to do is be silly. Let them go wild taking silly christmas photos for an hour or so. Experiment with different props and backgrounds to provide a good variety for them to choose from. You can even use some of the pictures taken for holiday cards. Which brings us to the next idea…

Assemble Holiday Cards

We’re all for getting the kids to help out with chores you already have to do anyway. Getting their help with holiday cards is one of them. Delegate jobs for them and work together to send holiday cheer to family and friends. Be sure to have them add their friends to the list as well so they will feel like an important part of the process.

Visit a Local Light Show or Walk Around a Decorated Neighborhood

Lights and decorations are never so beautiful as they are during this time of year. Take the kids on an outing one evening around the neighborhood or to the nearest light show and let them enjoy the beauty.

Participate in a Local Soup Kitchen or Community Event

It’s the perfect time of year to give back to the community. Check your local non-profits or volunteer community boards for opportunities the whole family can get involved in. Learning how to give back starts at home and the holiday season provides plenty of opportunities to teach the little ones that there’s more to the season than getting what they want.

Make a Gingerbread House

The sweets, the colors, and the fun. There’s nothing like working together on a gingerbread house. Kids will enjoy building their own house that not only is beautiful and helps bring in the holiday spirit but is also delicious to eat.

Write a Holiday Storybook

Kids love a good Christmas story, so they would have a lot of fun making one up on their own. Don’t stop there, you could also have them draw pictures that relate to the story and make their own story book.

Don’t let the kids’ excitement get the best of you this holiday season. Get organized and plan some fun holiday activities for kids to keep them entertained. Doing things like making cookies, helping you with chores like holiday cards, and even giving back to the community can be incorporated into your schedule to help you better manage their high energy, fast paced mindset. What’s more, you’ll be teaching them how to start traditions of their own that they can carry on to your future grandchildren. Just remember to have fun and enjoy these fun exciting moments.