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Can I get a Letter from Santa?

Anyone can receive a letter from Santa, although such a letter will probably be much more appreciated by youngsters who are aged 10 or younger. For these children, the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus is usually still alive, and it adds a great deal of meaning to the season. Just imagine the excitement your child will have when receiving a personalized letter from the jolly old Elf himself before the big day arrives. To know that Santa is aware of your child and is thinking about him or her can be very important and very exciting for your child, and it can deepen their appreciation of the holiday considerably.

How can you get a letter from Santa? 

The process for receiving a letter direct from Santa at the North Pole couldn’t be any easier. First, you’ll have to choose one of four types of letters which are available, based on the content of each letter. Then you’ll have to supply us with some information which will be used to personalize the letter, and make it specifically appealing to your child.

This information will include the child’s name, gender, data of birth, a gift they may have specifically requested, and the name of the city or town where they will be on Christmas Eve. You should also let us know just what your child has done this year to earn a place on Santa’s Nice List, as opposed to being placed on the Naughty List. Along with this personalization data, you’ll have to supply us with your current address and some payment information, and then you can leave it all up to us. 

What you’ll get 

For one small fee, you’ll get an awful lot in return, but nothing we can send you will be greater than the sheer joy you’ll see on your child’s face when they open up Santa’s personal letter to them. That look of wonder and happiness is something you’ll want to capture and re-live for many holidays afterward, even into their adult years. However, your child will be receiving some very exciting materials from the North Pole, starting with a letter contained in an envelope clearly marked with the North Pole address, to solidify your child’s belief. This customized envelope will be addressed directly to your child, and will be colored seasonally to add to the festive nature of the holiday.

The personalized letter signed by Santa Claus himself will be the real source of all the magic, and it will mean the world to your child to know that Santa is thinking about him/her. If you like, you can even get a summertime postcard for your child from Santa, wherever he happens to be vacationing at the time, to remind your child that Christmas is not far away. The type of letter your child receives from Santa can be one of four different types: an Official Letter from Santa, Santa Mail, Santa with his Sleigh, or Santa Writing a Letter. 

Contact us

To be sure your child gets on Santa’s mailing list, please contact us at Letters from Santa, and after you’ve provided all the necessary information, you can be assured your child will be remembered by Santa before Christmas time. It’s a simple thing to do, and it can mean so much to your child that it’s something every parent should consider, so as to increase their child’s enjoyment of the holiday season.