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Christmas Letter From Santa For Kids

Getting the kids hyped up for Christmas isn’t exactly hard. But you can make it so much more real for them. The problem is they just grow so fast. Do it now, when they’re still young but still old enough to remember. It can be hard if you have children of different ages to land things right. For example, elf on a shelf might work great for one, but not the other. Christmas needs to be kept alive and one of the best ways of doing this is by building up the aura around Santa. He’s the one who brings the presents after all. One of the best ways to do this is by him writing to your children. Here are some top tips so that you can really get the best out of your letter.

Pick The Context

This is important because people like to do it in different ways. Some like to write the letter as an opening to the children, inviting responses and telling them about Christmas. Others will ask their children to write a letter to Santa, or a list of what they want and will then respond to it. It’s a great way to curtain any crazy gift demands and they can’t argue with it because it’s from Santa himself. Make sure you come up with a good plan and stick to it.

Be Careful When Using It As A Discipline Tool

You don’t want to suck the magic out of Christmas. If you write the letter from Santa, and in it you start mentioning naughty things they’ve done you might just have the opposite effect on them. Be careful. Kids talk. If you do this, and they have a friend who has been extremely troublesome and hasn’t had a letter from Santa, they’re going to be confused and a little indignant. Be general, and maybe make a note about the child needing to be good, but that’s as far as it should go.

Make It Super Special

It’s a letter from Santa after all, there needs to be some kind of magic. There are dozens of templates you can use, or you can create one online and get it sent to you. But you can also make one up yourself for a more authentic looking letter. You need to be good with a pen and be able to write well. Especially if you think they might recognise your handwriting. Then you can draw and make some design tweaks. Maybe a snowman, or the reindeer. Don’t forget to apply a Santa signature too. You can glitter up the envelope, or add some 3D aspects to the whole design. There are sparkly snowflakes you can add to the letter too, which might surprise them when they open it up (but you’ll have to clean it all up). Remember, once you’ve started it you’ll have to do it year after year, and each year you’ll want to top it too so be careful.