Dear (Child’s First Name),

Happy birthday! It’s been another year, and you’re one step closer to becoming an elf! Just kidding, you’re still a ways off from that. Santa’s proud of how much you’ve grown, just like your parents are.

It seems like only yesterday that you were born. Your family was so excited, and fell in love with you the moment they saw you. And Santa fell in love with you too. You were just so cute, with your little baby cheeks and your tufts of hair. You haven’t changed much, except now you’re taller and can talk and write letters to Santa. That’s one of my favorite things about Christmas Eve, reading all the letters from good little girls and boys like you.

I hope this year is as good to you as the last one was. Be good to your parents, listen in school, and don’t forget to brush your teeth! And I’ll be sure to stop by on Christmas Eve with some presents for you. I think you’ll really like what I’ve got for you this year. So have a very happy birthday, (Child’s First Name)! And I’ll see you soon.

Love, Santa Claus