Email From Santa



How do I get an email from Santa?

Email from Santa sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Want to get an email for your kids too? Indeed, the elves respond to every wish.
To get an email from Santa, all you have to do is provide us your details with the name, email id, age and your wish. You will get a heartfelt message for you or the person you wish to get the email.

What is Santa’s email address 2023?

Have a long list of gifts that you want Santa to bring? Or wish to have a lot of interesting conversations with Santa? Here is Santa’s email address

How do you get a letter from Santa?

Why not have a customized gift from Santa this Christmas? Simply visit this page and you can customize the letters as per your preferences and receive them at your email. Each letter includes a lovely, medium-length note from Santa, written in a fancy typeface with a vibrant color scheme to express his gratitude. The text is written in an easy-to-understand way and is rather entertaining.

How much does a Santa email cost?

Everything comes at a small price. Santa’s email pricing starts just at $8.

Santa’s Email Customizations

letter from santa


Add your child’s name here (first and last), and remember, each sibling’s content is unique!

santa letter gift

Gift Request

What has your child been dreaming about this Christmas? Is it a new bike, the latest gadget, or a cuddly stuffed animal? Add your gift request for inclusion in your letter.

Nice List Certificate

Santa’s Nice List

Mention why your child should be on Santa‘s nice list, such as all A’s in school, helpful with baby brother/sister, wearing their mask, or doing chores around the house.