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How do I Write a Letter to my Child from Santa?

Can you imagine the joy and happiness your child would feel if he/she got a personalized letter, direct from Santa Claus at the North Pole? In the past, you may have tried to do this yourself, but you might not have known quite what to say in the letter. Or the letter may not have seemed authentic, because it didn’t look like a real letter from Santa. All these problems can be removed by arranging for a letter to be sent to your child from Santa, through our company, Letters from Santa.

We totally understand the immensity of what such a letter can mean to your child (we were all once children too!), so we go the extra mile to make sure your child gets just the right content in this letter, and that it is customized for your youngster. When your child opens up this letter and begins reading the joyous message which has been written just for him/her, it will bring a smile to their face which simply can’t be equaled. To bring this kind of joy to your child is a very simple process, and one that’s well worth the small investment to make it all happen.

Have Santa send your child a personalized letter 

A generic letter from Santa would probably be appreciated by your child, but one that’s personalized with solid facts that only apply to your child, will make the letter much more wonderful, and much more meaningful. When you arrange for Santa to send your child a letter, all you’ll have to do is give us some facts about your child, e.g. their full name, gender, address, where your child will be on Christmas Eve, any special request for a specific toy or present, and a sentence or two about why they should be included on Santa’s Nice List.

There will be four types of letters to choose from, and the content of the letter will be different for each. Choose from the Santa with Sleigh, Santa Writing a Letter, Santa Mail, or Letter from Santa style, whichever you feel might be best appreciated by your youngster. When it arrives, the letter will include all the facts you’ve provided us, so that it can be as personal and as real as possible for your child. It will be included in a colorful envelope with a marking on it that shows it was sent from Christmas Village at the North Pole, so your child won’t have any doubt about who sent it.

Make this Christmas a special one  

Not every child will receive a letter from Santa, and it certainly doesn’t happen every year, so make this year a really special one for your child by arranging for a letter from Santa to be sent. The joy that lights up your child’s face when opening this letter will be something you never forget, and it will help to make the holiday special for you as well.

Contact us at Letters from Santa to arrange for having this wonderful letter sent to your child, and to start the whole holiday season off on the right foot. It costs very little, and it can bring so much happiness to your youngster, that it’s well worth the minimal investment, and it can make a world of difference this Christmas for your child.