Santa's Desk

How do you get a letter from Santa?

Kids from one to 92 love writing letter from Santa. It’s one of the joys of our childhood that we never quite forget. Carefully choosing the best stationary, writing out a list of what you hope to get for Christmas in your best penmanship, affixing a stamp and gingerly putting the letter in the mailbox in the hopes that you’ll get a reply. It’s a childhood tradition for kids all over the world. 

What if you could arrange for Santa to write back? Letters from Santa provides kids all over with letters from their favorite Jolly Elf. It’s a sweet, inexpensive way to keep the joy of the holidays alive for your children. With four festive holiday backgrounds to choose from, as well as fun postcards for summer seasons (you can receive letters from Santa at any time of year!), as well as customization options to include your child’s hometown, gift requests, their name and more, your little one can get a personalized letter from Santa affixed with a festive stamp and a genuine North Pole postage mark. 

No matter if it’s the middle of summer and you’re hoping to cheer up a child bored at home, or just before Christmas to keep the magic going, Letters from Santa can provide your child with a letter from Santa Claus himself that they’ll treasure and remember forever. It’s a perfect keepsake gift for framing and bringing out every holiday, our passing down to their own children.