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How do you get a Response from Santa?

Has your child ever written a letter to Santa, and then wondered why he/she never got a response? It can be more than a little disappointing to a youngster, especially if they’ve been a well-behaved child all year, and then they seemingly get ignored by Santa for some reason or other. Of course, you can make excuses like Santa is very busy making toys with his Elves, or that he’s busy preparing for his world journey, but all that rings a little hollow with children. They’re not really equipped to connect logic and reason with a major disappointment they might be going through.

You don’t have to make those kinds of excuses anymore, and you can convert those looks of disappointment into expressions of joy and happiness, when your child actually gets a response from jolly old St. Nick. At Letters from Santa, we make sure your child gets a personalized letter from Santa, one which tells the youngster Santa he’s definitely thinking of him/her, and that the child will be receiving a visit on Christmas Eve. There’s something about receiving a personal letter from Santa that makes the season very special, and which will cause your child to appreciate this Christmas more than any other.

Your letter from Santa 

Santa is never too busy to write a personal letter to your child, and if you provide us with some basic information, we can ensure that this letter will be as meaningful as possible for your child. Let us know your child’s full name, address, gender, birthdate, and any special requests they’ve made for a specific present this year. It would also be helpful if you could include a sentence or two about what your child has done during the past year to make Santa’s Nice List, and what he/she has been doing to avoid being put on the Naughty List.

In return, your youngster will get a personalized letter from Santa which includes the facts you’ve provided us above. This letter can be one of four different letters whose content will be most appropriate for your child, and you can make the choice of what that content should be. The letter will be included in a holiday envelope, which includes a return address of Christmas Village at the North Pole, to further enhance your child’s belief and appreciation. At your option, the child can also receive a summertime postcard from Santa while he’s vacationing, and this can remind your youngster that Christmas isn’t far off, so he/she needs to be on best behavior.

Letters from Santa 

There’s really nothing quite like receiving a personal letter from Santa, and it can make all the difference in how much your youngster enjoys this holiday season. The look of wonder and joy on a child’s face when opening this kind of letter, can bring excitement and pleasure to the season for everyone in the family.

Contact us at Letters from Santa, so we can prepare the perfect letter for your child, and help them enjoy this Christmas season more than any other holiday before. It will be the least expensive present you buy for your child this season, and it will undoubtedly bring some of the greatest joy. Make this Christmas a memorable one for your child, by helping them actually get a response from Santa Claus.