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How To Get A Letter From Santa

Not many things could be more exciting for a young child than getting a letter directly from Santa Claus, especially with the holiday season now drawing so close upon us. It can be a magical time of year for your youngsters, and a letter from Santa would add something very special to the season, helping to enhance the wonder and the charm of Christmas. Now you can arrange to have a personalized letter sent directly to your child from Santa, so he/she can experience the thrill of a communication coming right from the jolly old man in the red suit.

How it works 

First, you’ll need to supply us with some information, so the letter can be completely customized for your child. You’ll need to choose from one of four different holiday backgrounds, each of which is themed with a Christmas motif. Then you’ll have to provide us with your child’s name and birth date, as well as the city or town where your child will be staying on Christmas Eve. Tell us whether your child is a boy or a girl, and send us your correct mailing address, so there are no mishaps with sending the letter. After you’ve given us payment information, e.g. credit/debit card, you’ll be all set. 

Personalizations included  

Your child’s first and last name are the first of the customized details which will appear in the letter, and that will be a thrill for him/her right off the bat. Then, you can tell us what specific present your child has been requesting this year the most, and that will be incorporated into the text of the letter as well. Explain why your child is on the ‘Nice List’, and has avoided the ‘Naughty List’, so we can praise them for the good work they’ve done around the house, or the help they’ve provided with baby brother or sister.

What your child will get 

How To Get A Letter From Santa

On the day your child’s letter from Santa arrives, the first thing they’ll notice is that it comes in an envelope addressed to them personally, and is decorated with some fancy writing and some bright, holiday colors. The background for the letter will be one of four holiday themes: candy canes, winter wonderland, Christmas stockings, or Santa’s faithful reindeer. There will also be a special mark indicating Santa’s Village, and it will remind your child of Santa and all his elves, as well as their home up at the North Pole.

That isn’t all your child will get though. The letter will be an immediate source of fascination and thrills of course, but your child will receive something else along with that letter. He/she will receive the gift of Belief for another season, the privilege of preserving the innocent belief in the magic of Santa Claus and the Christmas season, and how important that can be to an impressionable youngster.

Give your child the gift of Belief and let them enjoy the season in a way they’ve never experienced before. A letter from Santa Claus will be something your child remembers for a long time, and it will always remain special to them, long after they’ve grown up. There’s still plenty of time for you to send us the needed information, and get your child on Santa’s List for this Christmas season, so hurry and get the process started!