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How To Write A Letter From Santa

The most important thing to remember about writing a letter from Santa, is that it should always attempt to preserve the wonderful magic of the season, and the belief in the spirit which makes Christmas such a special time of year.Secondarily, it’s important to include some personal facts which are specific to a child’s circumstances, so he/she will be convinced that the letter was written especially for him/her.

That is the element which will really make a youngster feel special, above all other children in the world. Your child probably won’t even consider the fact that other kids around the globe might also have received a letter from Santa Claus – the only fact relevant to your child will be that Santa sent a letter directly to him/her.

How a letter from Santa should be composed  

How To Write A Letter From Santa

Your child should know the reason that he/she has been singled out for attention from Santa, such that a letter had to be written to acknowledge that reason. When you contact us to request a letter from Santa, we’ll ask you to provide us with some material on good things your child did over the past year, so we can weave that into the text of the letter. This may have the happy benefit of encouraging further good behavior from your youngster, so that next year might be an even better year for good deeds.

Assuming you do have a few things to provide us in the area of good behavior for your child, we can then also include in Santa’s letter some reference to the one present which your child wants the most for the upcoming season. Whether that might be a video game, a bicycle, some action figures from Star Wars, or even the latest entry from the American Doll collection, there will generally be a single present which your child wants more than anything else, and that’s what we’d like to find out about.

We’ll include some reference to that present in Santa’s letter, and while we won’t confirm that the child will receive that present for Christmas, we can hint that it’s possible. If you would prefer that the ‘most wanted present’ is not given to the child this year, we can reference a secondary choice for gift-giving. At any rate, your child will want to know that he/she is being rewarded for all that good behavior this year, so we’ll mention some kind of reward in the letter issued by Santa.

Proof of the sender 

Of course, your child will want to be sure the letter has come directly from Santa, so we’ll provide a number of ‘proofs’ that will ensure your child knows the letter did indeed originate from the jolly old soul. The envelope will be a customized one which features the Christmas spirit, the signature on the letter will be in Santa’s own handwriting, and the background of the letter will contain a recognizable Christmas theme (of your choosing).

This is how a letter from Santa Claus should be written, and it’s how we go about it when we compose one for your child. With all the attention to detail that goes into a letter like this, your child cannot fail to be impressed and thrilled when he/she receives a communication direct from the North Pole.