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Is There a Santa Claus Letter?

The title of this blog is a variation on the now-famous editorial which appeared in the New York Sun in 1897, entitled Is There a Santa Claus? In that editorial, the author answered decisively in the affirmative, declaring that Santa Claus was the embodiment of Christmas spirit around the globe, and it was something that virtually all people held dear in their hearts. For skeptics of course, it usually meant that they had simply stopped believing in the magic and the extraordinary power of good will at this special time of the year.

For those who may be wondering whether there is truly a Santa Claus letter, which can capture that same kind of awesome good will and holiday spirit, the answer is also a firm and decisive ‘YES’. At Letters from Santa, that’s our specialty because we feel that children should hold on to the magic of the season throughout their youthful years, until they mature to the point where they recognize the magic still exists, but in other important ways. We prepare customized letters from Santa that will bring a whole new level of joy and happiness to your youngster at Christmas time.

Receiving a letter from Santa 

It’s hard to quantify the thrill that your child will receive from getting their very own personalized letter from Santa Claus, especially when it’s filled with details that only Santa would know. When you arrange with us to write your child a letter from Santa, we’ll ask you for a few details which can be used in the text of the letter so it seems more personal and more authentic.

For instance, we’ll need to know your child’s full name, their age and gender, their birthdate, any special toys or presents they have been asking for, and a few remarks about any good things they’ve done recently to get on to Santa’s Nice List. We’d also like you to tell us where the child will be on Christmas Eve, in case you’re on vacation or visiting relatives. All this information will be included in the text of the letter so as to be more impressive, and more specific to the child. 

The general text of the letter can be one of four styles of content, which you’ll have the option of choosing for your child. These are: Santa Mail, Santa Writing a Letter, Santa with Sleigh, or Letter from Santa. Into this content, we’ll include the personalized details you’ve provided for us, and that will more than likely amaze your child. The letter will arrive in a colorful envelope which has the look and feel of the holiday, and it will have a postmark on it from Christmas Village at the North Pole. 

The joy of the season 

The joy of the season itself will be greatly enhanced for your child when they receive this awesome signed letter from Santa Claus himself. With a number of personalized references in the letter, your child will be convinced it could only have been sent by Santa, and the look of joy on the youngster’s face will be one of the most memorable scenes of the season for you. It’s a very small investment to make in your child’s happiness, and it just might end up being the one present which is most appreciated this year by your youngster.