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Letter From Santa About Believing

As children grow up, it is quite normal for them to begin to have doubts about whether or not Santa Claus really exists, especially when friends (and maybe even family members) start putting those doubts in their heads. If your child is in this category, having this kind of uncertainty should not spoil the holiday season for them, and it should not be the cause of your child enjoying the season far less than in previous years. You can have a special letter sent to your child from Santa that will address this very issue, and hopefully inspire your child to continue believing in the true spirit of Christmas.

What the letter says 

Letter From Santa About Believing

The letter your child receives from Santa will acknowledge the fact that your child has some questions about the existence of Santa, his elves, and the village at the North Pole. It will not try to convince your child of Santa’s existence, but instead it will focus on having your child believe in everything that makes the season so magical. The letter will point out that a big part of the true joy of the season comes from within, rather than from external trappings, presents, and other things.

Santa will tell your child in this letter that a big part of the real spirit of Christmas is having the ability to spread kindness, joy, and generosity among all the people you come in contact with. In essence, it will impress your child with the notion that all the best elements of the season come as a result of believing in Christmas and its special power to bring joy to everyone in the world. Since your child is growing up and becoming a little more mature, he/she is probably ready to accept this truth about the holiday season. Don’t worry though – Santa won’t say anything to increase your child’s doubts about all the magic of Christmas!

What information to include in a Letter From Santa

When you contact us, we’ll need to know your child’s first and last name, as well as your street address, and the actual location where your child will be on Christmas Eve. Then too, we’ll need to know just what kind of present your child has mentioned the What most this year, and the one he/she most wants to receive. We’ll also need to know whether your child is a girl or boy, and what their birth date is. Then you’ll need to choose a background for the letter, and the available backgrounds are: Santa Writing a Letter, Santa Mailing a Letter, Santa and his Sleigh, and Official Letter from Santa.

The fact that this letter is personalized in numerous places will undoubtedly increase your child’s joy and appreciation of the letter because he/she will know that Santa has addressed this letter specifically to him/her, and no one else. The fact that Santa has taken time out from his busy schedule to send a letter to your child will be very impressive, and that’s something else your child will appreciate. The letter received by your child will be sent in a customized envelope, with some pretty fancy label art, and a special mark that shows it came from Santa’s Village at the North Pole. 

Types of Santa Letters 

We also offer other types of Santa letters that have specialized themes that may be more appropriate for your child’s circumstances. We can send a Santa letter that addresses less than ideal behavior, and we can also send a letter about what they need to do to get off the Naughty List and back on to the Nice List. Any one of our four different letter types will thrill your child, and make the season a little bit more special.