Santa's Desk

The Best Letter From Santa You’ll Read This Year

My Dear Gregg,

Ho ho ho! Here I come.

Hello Gregg! I am Santa Claus, and I write to a chosen few at Christmas every year. I am actually Saint Nicholas and lived in the 4th century, and I am also known as Father Christmas. It is my fortunate duty to bring the best gifts to children like you all over the world on Christmas Eve. 

I live at the North Pole with Mrs. Kringle, my wife. Every year, it is my job to read through countless letters and listen to what all you little kids want every year. I also have my favorite lists – the nice list as well as the naughty list. Depending on what list your name comes in, I choose my gifts for you.

Currently, it is quite a hectic time for me, what with packing and sending off so many different gifts to you children throughout the world. My reindeers and I have been working really hard. But it is all worth it; spreading so much joy and cheer keeps me going as I am pretty bored the rest of the year.

So, enough about me. How have you been, Gregg? I have heard about the challenging time you and your family are undergoing this year, and the way you have handled things made me put you on top of the ‘nice list.’ You are a brave, compassionate, and strong young fellow, Gregg. I have complete faith that this difficult time will make you a stronger and better person.

Seeing your mother fight for her life day after day in the hospital is not easy for you or anyone else in your family. I know. Our Lord, Jesus Christ himself, had to die before being resurrected. He suffered on all our behalf just to lessen the burden of our sins. They say that our Lord tests those very dear to him a little more harshly than the others. Right now is a trying time for you, Gregg. Just hang in there.

Your mother loves you a lot. She would want you to be strong and patient for her, for your family, and all of your future. It is very difficult to tell the outcome of all of this suffering. But, God has granted me the privilege of offering you support, strength, and succor. You have a little sister and brother who are as grief-stricken as you are. 

Little Sasha does not yet understand why her mother is not at home. But she is, nevertheless, anxious, scared, and confused. You would need to be there by her side like you have been these past months.

Yes, this difficult time has affected you in so many ways. You are no longer bright in your studies. Your interest in sports is also not what it was last year. But I am so happy that you have taken it all in your stride, patiently and silently riding over all the difficulties this year has brought upon you. 

Gregg, you indeed are an inspiration to many others facing similar times. Your Papa thinks highly of you. Even your teachers admire your spirit.

The road ahead for you might not be an easy one, but it will be a memorable one, teaching you much along the way. Your mother is quite low on physical strength. Please be there for her mentally and emotionally. Please ensure she is not too weak to give up yet and is strong enough to embrace whatever the future holds for her.

Gregg, you must be having so many memories of your mother. At the tender age of 8 years, you remember a little about your childhood, don’t you? Remember those trips to the neighborhood park with your Mum? Those beachside picnics. And what about the times she and your Daddy came to your annual days at school? They were so proud of you. 

When little Sasha was born, you would help Mum out even as a 4-year-old. These memories will keep your Mum alive in your heart for a long, long time. Do not let these memories fade away, ever, or be tarnished by those of her suffering and being sick. Your Mum would love you to remember her as a strong, loving lady who thought the world of you. Because that is what the truth is.

Gregg, you are your mother’s darling son, a go-getter, and a beautiful example for his little siblings. She might not say it, but she expects you to continue being like this. So, do get up and try to shrug off all the grief. Be strong and accept whatever happens. 

No matter what tomorrow brings, your Mum will always be there in your thoughts, in your memories, and in the way, you would take care of your family here onwards. 

Your Daddy might become quite lonely in the days to come, and he will always find a little part of your Mum in you. Ensure that whenever that happens, Daddy is not disappointed. In taking care of Sasha and Teddy, you will find yourself closer to your mother in so many different ways.

Lastly, I would like to finish by asking you to believe in the power of prayer and hope. Prayer has immense power, and it will definitely help heal your Mum. Pray that Mum’s suffering is lessened over the coming days, that gets back her health. Pray….and continue to believe, remembering that whatever happens tomorrow will be for everyone’s best. Keep up with your studies and your sports. Don’t turn your Mum down in any way.

God Bless.

Have a peaceful Christmas!

Santa Claus