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The Best Santa Letter To Children

Writing the the best Santa letter to children isn’t easy. You have to put a lot of thought and effort into it if you want it to carry off right, especially if you have older, more questioning children. Everyone has different ways to make it more realistic, and these tips can get you started. Remember, you children are going to be utterly unique and you know them better that anyone, so take all tips with a pinch of salt. Your friends will all have different ways to do things with a santa letter. Some might have brilliant tips and tricks. If they have children who are friends with your own, be careful. They might just get suspicious that their best friend had a letter exactly like their own.

Make Them Unique

It’s important that they stand out. Be careful. Kids talk, and kids remember. If you use a template, try to personalise it a little. Don’t just go down the one horse track of printing something out and just adding their name. Personalise them. What does your child like? Do they enjoy playing video games? Write something in there about them playing video games. Did they do something in the year which is good and that they’re really proud of? Make sure you mention that. Making these letters really personal is where a lot of the fun comes from. 

Make Them Realistic

Well, as realistic as you can. This means adding a lot of colour. If you have great handwriting, you might be able to pass something off. Otherwise, use a computer. You can add decorations to them to make them stand out. The kind of things you’d get in a hobby store. A bit of glitter perhaps, or some beads. IF you’re a good drawer, you could draw santa or his reindeers. Whatever you do, try to conceal your style. If they recognise it, then the game might just be up. 

Don’t Forget The Stamp

You can find some great stamp designs online. If you can’t find one, or you’ve left it a little late, draw something up. They won’t pay much attention to the envelope anyway and will want to see what’s inside. The stamp should be simple. The north pole, a reindeer, santa himself or maybe even a winter wonderland. It all adds to the realism and makes it a lot more special for your children.

Keep Them Fair

If you have more than one child, you’ll want to ensure you keep the letters fair. They both have to be just as unique. Otherwise, one might be left a little unhappy. It’s easier to do than you know. Pay attention, and step away from the letters for a day before reading them through again. You could write one letter to both, and include aspects of both on it to save you some time and ink. Just try to ensure you keep them as fair as possible. This extends to ensuring you give them to your children at the same time.