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What Should A Letter From Santa Say?

Feedback from our customers tells us that children have a wide variety of reactions to a letter they get from Santa Claus. In some cases, it almost doesn’t matter what the content of the letter is, because the child is so thrilled at receiving a letter directly from jolly old St. Nick. Other times, we’ve been told that the child listens raptly to the reading of the letter (if he/she is unable to read), and hangs on every single word. We take great care to always be positive in the letters from Santa, so that every child will have a good feeling when receiving their personal communication.

What Should A Letter From Santa Say?

What the letter will say 

If your child is at an age where he/she has begun to have doubts about the whole Santa Claus story, we can customize a letter which will cater to that growing disbelief, and try to provide them with a reason to believe in the magic of the Christmas season. This can admittedly be a very fine line to walk, and we make sure not to interfere with whatever it is your child is going through, but we emphasize the spirit of the holiday, and how special it is for everyone who participates.

For most children, there is something about the Christmas season that makes it the most special time of year. It’s more than the presents, although that is certainly a part of the season’s appeal. It’s the sheer charm and magic of that one time of the year when something truly extraordinary happens in their lives, and they have a chance to connect with the source of that magic, Santa Claus. Receiving a personal letter from the magical old gentleman is an even greater thrill, and it’s something that will add a great deal to your child’s appreciation of the season.

We’ll ask you to give us a little background on the good things your child has accomplished this past year, perhaps chores around the house, or helping Mommy and Daddy with a younger sibling. Maybe your child has just been extra kind to someone in the neighborhood, or a to a relative who needed some caring. Whatever way your child has been extra good this year, tell us about that, and we’ll include it in Santa’s letter in some form, so he/she can feel really good about staying on the ‘Nice List’, instead of being included on the ‘Naughty List’.

Direct from the North Pole 

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To enhance your child’s enjoyment of the letter we send, it will be marked with a Santa’s Village stamp, and will be included in a customized envelope which is sent direct from the North Pole, where Santa resides with his elves. The letter will be printed on a custom background that features one of four Christmas scenes to add to the holiday feel of the letter, and the content of the letter will be personalized for your child.

His/her full name will be included in the text, as well as the city/town where your child will be at the magical time of Christmas Eve. We’ll also reference that one present your child has been requesting the most all year long, so that he/she knows that Santa is aware of the request, and will try to reward your youngster for being so good.