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Where To Get A Letter From Santa

Remember the total joy you felt when you got a letter from Santa as a youngster? And if you never did – wouldn’t you have given anything to have a personal letter from the jolly Old Elf in your childhood? Those golden years of youth are magical times for a very young child, times when literally anything is possible, and there are absolutely no limits to some of the unbelievable things which might happen at Christmas time. This year, why not let your child experience that magical feeling, by having a letter sent directly from Santa Claus – a thrill your child will never forget.

Where to get your Santa letter 

Where To Get A Letter From Santa

It’s very easy and very affordable to have a letter from Santa delivered to your child, just in time for the holidays. You can visit this website and provide the required information, make your payment, and that’s all there is to it – From Santa’s letter will be in the mail soon afterward, no matter where you might happen to live. The process is easy as pie. First, you’ll have to choose from one of four Christmas-themed backgrounds: Santa and his sleigh, Santa writing letters, Santa mailing out some letters, or the Official Letter from Santa background. 

Then you’ll have to choose the type of content you want included in the letter, and there will be four of these as well. The one which best fits your personal circumstances will be easy to pick out, and then you can move on to the next set of customizations. We’ll ask you to provide us with your child’s full name (so there won’t be any doubt about other children with similar first names), your street address, and the one gift which your child wants most for this Christmas season.

Then tell us whether your child is a boy or girl, and what his/her birth date is, since these will be referenced somewhere in the text of the letter. We’ll also ask you to tell us the name of the town or city where your child will be spending Christmas Eve, since that’s the night when all the magic really takes place. The letter will make reference to the fact that Santa will be visiting that town or city, so your child knows that Santa is on his way!

The letter will be personally signed by Santa Claus, and it will be enclosed in an envelope that has your child’s name on it, along with some terrific artwork depicting the North Pole. There will also be a distinct return address from Santa’s Village at the North Pole. All these little details taken together will delight your child, and have him/her truly believing in the wonder of the season and of Santa Claus.

One last personalization 

Don’t forget to tell us why your child should be included on the Nice List, and left off the Naughty List. Every child deserves to feel good about something positive they’ve done in the past year, and your child’s achievements should be recognized as well. This tends to be self-perpetuating, and after being recognized for good deeds done in one year, your child will probably work even harder to get on the Nice List again next year. Show your child how much you appreciate their efforts, by rewarding them with an authentic-looking letter, direct from Santa at the North Pole!